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I am David Robins, I am a tutor based in London. My professional and academic background is in science and mathematics; having worked in industry for some years, I have decided to try a career change, and go into the private tuition business.†I provide one-to-one tuition for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Maths (up to GCSE level). This is provided at the studentís home, so no travel on their part is required. I cover west and south-west London, and north Surrey.†

There are significant benefits to private tuition. The student can receive individual attention, meaning that their specific difficulties with the subject matter can be addressed more effectively than in a normal classroom environment. The fact that a particular student is experiencing problems with a certain topic may go unnoticed in the classroom. Simply as a result of the fact that 25 or more pupils are being taught together, even the best teaching can be of a "one size fits all" nature.

A one-to-one tutor, on the other hand, is in a position to listen to the individual studentís concerns, and to discern his or her unique learning style, meaning that gaps in knowledge and understanding can be filled. The home is also free from the distractions that are present in the school environment, and the familiar setting and relaxed atmosphere are conducive to effective learning. ††

I am familiar with the specifications of the major examination boards, meaning that tuition is tailored to what the pupils needs to know in order to succeed. I can also provide materials such as worksheets and past exam papers, meaning that students have the opportunity to practise the techniques that they need to master.


I have a BSc (Honours) degree in Genetics from Cardiff University.

My mathematical qualifications are as follows:
Level 2 qualification in Pure Mathematics from the Open University (undergraduate level) : Pass with Distinction
A-Level Mathematics (Pure with Mechanics) : Grade A
GCSE Mathematics : Grade A
I am fully DBS checked, with an Enhanced certificate

I offer my services at a competitive price, and am reliable and patient, with an approachable manner. I am flexible in terms of my availability, and can take evening and weekend appointments. I view this work as an opportunity to help others, rather than simply as a job, meaning that I put pupilsí needs first, and operate in accordance with their academic requirements.† ††

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